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Your favourite girl Tell us who is your favourite girl (whoever she is) and will be great if you can provide some photos or videos of her !

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Old 06-07-2010, 08:41 PM
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Klaudia - bim - aka Claudia, Orsi-Orsolya Kosics, Oshi, Ursula, Zsuza - 'Light Test'

Klaudia - bodyinmind - aka Agnes, Claudia, Kimberly Zeller, Orsi-Orsolya Kocsis, Oshi, Ursula, Zsuza

Quote: Originally Posted by bodyinmind The first time we laid eyes on Klaudia we had the same reaction that most men have: WOW! We knew right then and there she was perhaps the most beautiful woman we'd ever seen and we knew we had to have her on Body in Mind. But it was not easy. Klaudia (not her real name) was VERY hard to find even though she is quite famous in her native Hungary. When we did find her she'd actually given up nude modeling completely. Needless to say we were quite disappointed. So how did we get these amazing photos of Klaudia nude? Well, maybe it was our classy site or Chris's delightful personality, but after she saw our work and talked with Chris Ruegge, Klaudia did as all women are allowed to do: she changed her mind. This set was the first Chris and Klaudia did together. We weren't going to release it since it was only a lighting test, but as far as lighting tests go: WOW! 'Light Test'

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